Kathy Stecyk Biography

Passion. Dedication. Client-focused….just a few attributes of Kathy Stecyk. Her golf industry knowledge as a woman sets her apart as a rare golf professional in Canada that holds a Class “A” status in both C.P.G.A. and L.P.G.A. Associations.

Attaining the highest qualifications in both Associations by attending seminars regularly throughout North America, Kathy is completely committed to providing the highest level of golf instruction. She’s an expert in coaching the skills related to sports learning and performance, and is experienced working with all levels of players, age groups and special needs golfers.  This is what this lady does.

Aside from personal coaching, Kathy’s focus also includes developing high-quality public, corporate and school programs.  Golf specific TPI fitness training is a foundation to many of Kathy’s customized programs. Her technical expertise is complemented by exceptional interpersonal and public speaking skills, an educational background in marketing and promotions, and extensive marketing experience in the golf and retail sectors.

Kathy is also a member of the Club Fitter team for the Regional Titleist Fitting Center located at the Northview Academy and as such keeps up-to-date on all aspects of club fitting on the TrackMan – Doppler Radar technology.